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I have been practicing at Bodhi Tree for nearly two years and I can honestly say that yoga has helped me in so many ways ...  to let go of those things in life that no longer serve me and to take better care of myself - both mind and body. Yoga teaches us to be mindful and to accept things as they are. It helps us to move forward while finding stillness at the same time. It's kind of magical. 


Tania, Age 29

Porcupine, ON

I like yoga because it's really fun! I like the stuff we do at the studio, like the games. The games are always fun. My favourite yoga pose is upward dog! 

Ariana, Age 7

Timmins, ON

If you are afraid to try yoga and are concerned about your level of fitness, Bodhi Tree Hot Yoga Studio is the perfect solution. You get all the benefits of a low impact exercise with a good pace and all the relaxing benefits of yoga to go with it. The added personal touches push these yoga classes over the edge and make an awesome experience that you just have to try! I love it!  

Tina, Age 36

South Porcupine, ON

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I am completely sold on the benefits of yoga, especially for any one in my age group. After sitting at a desk all day, dealing with stress, a hot yoga class totally relaxes my mind and body. When I started yoga with Bodhi Tree 24 months ago, I was suffering from a herniated disc in my back and having to take Lyrica daily. Three months in and the painw as gone. I am now much more limber than I was 10 years ago and this is a big boost to quality of life. There are so many health benefits and then, it is just enjoyable. I look forward to every class! 

Phil, Age 60

Timmins, ON

I joined Curvy Yoga because I was interested to see what yoga positions were better for my body. Every week I was presented with new and useful positions not only adjusted to my special body but also for my special mind.  This helped keep me in a better yoga flow. Thanks Christina!

Diane, Age 29

Timmins, ON

Bodhi Tree Hot Yoga Studio is a great place to sharpen and balance our mental and physical needs. I've been attending classes regularly for just a little over a year now. Not only has it improved my flexibility and balance, but is a great place to let go and forget all the stressors life throws at you. I now feel stronger, faster, and also make better food choices...well at least on the days I plan on going to yoga lol.  Namaste!

Rocky, Age 34

Timmins, ON

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