Suspension Yoga™ offers an energizing and relaxing way of exercising, through inversions and aerial movements that leave you feeling relaxed while experiencing a full body work out.

The Yogi Sling is used for all classes and all fitness levels, allowing you to achieve deep stretches in a fully supportive way. This unique yoga equipment is also perfect for handstands training, split training, hip, chest and shoulder opening, back-bending and lengthening tight hamstrings.

Suspension Yoga™ helps develop core strength, create balance and the suspended inversions create a deep feeling of relaxation. This type of yoga addresses conditions related to spinal health, and provides numerous benefits related to the body’s functions and overall well-being.

2-Hour Suspension Yoga™ Immersion


This workshop, the pre-requisite to attend drop-in schedule flying classes, introduces safe and effective use of the Yogi Sling Suspension Yoga™ Sling. 

Participants will discover how inversions and aerial movements decompress the spine, strengthen the core and achieve deep delicious stretches formerly only dreamed of. With the support of the Yogi Sling you will also be able to enter more advanced yoga poses that you may have never been able to arrive at before…safely. After 2 hours you will leave feeling invigorated, inspired, relaxed and yes, even a little bit taller.


















Drop-in Class Styles


The Yogi Sling is an exceptional yoga tool, designed to increase flexibility, balance, coordination, and personal power, while experiencing the uplifting effects of heightened prana and life force. This is the perfect yoga accessory for handstand training, split training, hip opening, chest and shoulder stretching, supported back-bending, and hamstring lengthening, with the ability to use proper alignment techniques and dynamic flow. Dramatically advance your personal yoga practice and be ready to fly!


This class is excellent for anyone with physical constraints, injuries, illnesses or who simply desires a gentler approach to their suspended workout. Combine the relaxation of restorative yoga with the therapeutic benefits of grounded traction and the delicious stretches that can only be achieved through suspended yoga postures and inversions.


The foundation of strength is a solid core and conscious stability. Build a strong core – join our new class that focuses on workouts that will strengthen and challenge you to your core! Using your own body-weight in the Yogi Sling Suspension System, We will safely guide you through a series of exercise routines guaranteed to build strength and improve body awareness.


Ease into deep safe stretches and tension relief for the entire body. Perfect for beginners still working on their confidence in suspension techniques or for the more experienced student wishing to simply enjoy a gentler class.

I would like to book a spot in Suspension Yoga™ Series when it begins.

Following the completion of the Suspension Yoga™ Immersion, participants can attend all drop-in styles. Please scroll down for additional info.


  • Sling + Stretch Suspension Yoga™ 

  • Gentle Suspension Yoga™

  • Restorative Suspension Yoga™

  • Core Fitness Suspension Yoga™

Absolutely! You can upgrade your regular membership ($20 Monthly)/(class passes an upgrade of $5 perch class) to enjoy the Suspension Yoga drop-in classes once you have completed the Immersion.


Book your spot with your normal pass and the $5 upgrade fee will be collected in-studio before your session.

There are currently three (3) pricing options for attending our 2 Hour Suspension Yoga™ Pre-requisite Immersion.  These sessions have a very restricted limit per session.  Waitlist your name on your favourite date or try a Private (grab a friend or two and make an afternoon of it!) :


  • Group Immersion 2 hours – $39

  • Private (1 person) 1 hour session – $65

  • Small Group (2-3 people) 1 hour session – $125

Regardless of your practice history. all students at Bodhi Tree Yoga will be required to attend the 2-Hour Suspension Yoga™ Immersion before attending regular scheduled drop-in Suspension Yoga™. We cannot make exceptions to this for student/class safety and ease of instruction + effective use of class time in drop-in sessions.

  • Do not wear nylon clothing or any fabric that may be slippery against the nylon parachute material

  • Wear comfortable, unrestrictive clothing – no shorts

  • Ladies should wear sports bras that will provide support during inversions.

  • Gentlemen should consider wearing either jock-straps or compression underwear

  • Remove any loose items out of pockets before inverting (coins, cell phones, etc.)

  • Remove any jewelry or restrictive accessories before using

  • Avoid heavy meals prior to class, but do have something light or bring juice to avoid low blood sugar levels.

  • Wait at least 15 minutes after consuming liquids before performing inversion

  • Do not invert while taking anti-coagulants or Advil

  • Use awareness and proper form with each movement

  • Always listen to and honor your body’s needs. Disengage from any painful movement

  • Remember to breathe in all positions or routines. Do not hold breath

  • Drink water afterwards and stay hydrated during class to maximize the effectiveness

  • If you suffer from hypoglycemia or low blood sugar, bring light snacks or sweetened tea

  • Maximum weight tolerance is 300 lbs

If you have been diagnosed with or are experiencing the symptoms of any of the following conditions, do not invert without your doctors approval.

  • Ear, eye sinus disorders or infections in the head

  • Recent surgery or trauma to any internal organs

  • Broken or fractured bones in the hip/torso area

  • Recent head/brain injury or trauma

  • Heart and/or circulatory disorders

  • Severe spinal cord trauma

  • Fused vertebrae

  • Pregnancy

  • Hernia

*If you are on your menstrual cycle please inform the instructor.
It is also recommended that you always consult with your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

Drop-in Class Styles – attend after immersion



Attend after 2 hour Suspension Yoga™ Immersion



$16.50/class Drop-in to any floor or suspension yoga class. Must have completed Immersion to attend drop-in classes.


8 CLASSES $132


Monthly +$20 / 


+$5 per class

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