Studio Etiquette - Space is limited in the studio. Please sign up prior to class online. * Cancellation Policy requires a 3 hour notice to any schedule class or will result in a loss of pass or $15 charge for monthly/yearly members. 

Your yoga practice begins as soon as you walk through the front door. Please be mindful of those who are already within the studio as many of our yogis choose to take some time before class to let go of their day and to truly become present. Please take into account the following in order to ensure that your practice, as well as your fellow yogis practice, goes as smoothly as possible. 


  • Try to arrive approximately 15 minutes prior to class as this will allow you plenty of time to get settled within the studio. Our doors will be locked once class begins; therefore, absolutely no late entries will be permitted as this only disrupts the class.


  • Remove footwear upon arrival to help keep our floors clean. 


  • Sign in at the front desk prior to entering the studio/going into the change rooms. 


  • Due to limited space, please keep all items out of the studio other than your mat, towel, and water. Our doors remain locked for the duration of the class so your belongings can be kept at the entrance or in the change room - please be sure to turn off or silence your cellphone. Please note that we are not responsible for lost or stolen items. 


  • Since our yoga space is intended to be a sanctuary, please enter and leave quietly. Once in the studio, there is to be no talking as it is a yoga and meditation zone. 


  • Please be respectful of the teacher and other yogis by using the washroom prior to class. Also take a resting pose whenever you feel it to be necessary. This is your practice, listen to your body. Leaving the class at any point is disruptive to those practicing.

Covid-19 Changes

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